Figs -Anjeer Dry Fruit


A fig is a nutritious fruit that provides a lot of calcium and fiber. People can choose to eat fresh or dried figs, but they should be mindful that dried figs contain more calories and sugar.

People can use figs to help treat a variety of conditions, as they are unlikely to cause harm. However, there is not currently enough research to back up many of the claims associated with the alleged health benefits of figs.


A fig is a soft fruit with a thin skin that can be either green or purple. The flesh of a fig is typically red, and the entirety of the fruit is edible.

People have used figs to help treat health conditions related to the endocrine, reproductive, and respiratory systems, as well as the digestive tract.

Practitioners of Indian systems of medicine have long used figs to treat conditions affecting the following bodily systems:

Some researchers believe that figs have the following properties:

  • antioxidant
  • anticancer
  • anti-inflammatory
  • fat-lowering
  • cell-protective

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