Power to the People

No man is poor by thought and action unless and until compelled or discouraged.

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Commit to anyone if you can only fulfill


Touched my heart....
On a cold night, a billionaire met an old poor man outside. He asked him, "Aren't you feeling cold outside, and you're not even wearing a coat!" The old man replied, "I don't have a coat but I'm used to it. The billionaire replied, "wait for me. I'll just go home and get you a coat."

The poor man was so happy and said he will wait for him. The billionaire got to his house and got busy there and forgot about the poor man. The following morning, he remembered the poor old man and went out to find him but found him dead due to the cold.

The poor old man left a letter saying, "when I had no warm clothes, I had the mental strength to fight the cold, but when you promised to help me, I clinged to your promise and it killed my mental power."

Don't promise anything if you can't keep your promise. It may not be necessary to you, but it could be everything to someone else.

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